Reviews L (36)

  1. CD Cover

    Lacrims Profundere
    La Naissance D'un Rêve
    (1997: Witchhunt)

  2. CD Cover

    Lacrims Profundere
    (1999: Napalm)

  3. CD Cover

    Lacuna Coil
    Lacuna Coil (E.P.)
    (1997: Century Media)

  4. CD Cover

    Lacuna Coil
    Halflife (E.P.)
    (2000: Century Media)

  5. CD Cover

    Lagrimas Negras
    In Penumbra (E.P.)
    (2001: Self Released)

  6. CD Cover

    Lake Of Tears
    A Crimson Cosmos
    (1997: Black Mark)

  7. CD Cover

    Lake Of Tears
    Lady Rosenred (E.P.)
    (1997: Black Mark)

  8. CD Cover

    Lake Of Tears
    Forever Autumn
    (1999: Black Mark)

  9. CD Cover

    Lake Of Tears
    The Neonai
    (2002: Black Mark)

  10. CD Cover

    Lake Of Tears
    Moons And Mushrooms
    (2007: Dockyard)

  11. CD Cover

    Lamp Of Thoth, The
    Cauldron Of Witchery E.P.
    (2007: Eyes Like Snow/Miskatonic)

  12. CD Cover

    Las Cruces
    (1999: Brainticket)

  13. CD Cover

    Last Chapter
    The Living Waters
    (1997: Brainticket)

  14. CD Cover

    Last Chapter
    Paths To Always
    (2002: Brainticket)

  15. CD Cover

    Le Cri Du Mort
    In Part Divine (E.P.)
    (1998: Self Released)

  16. CD Cover

    Left Hand Solution
    (1997: Nuclear Blast)

  17. CD Cover

    Let Me Dream
    My Dear Succubus
    (1995: Adipocere)

  18. CD Cover

    The Dark Embrace Of Silence
    (1999: Throne)

  19. CD Cover

    Veritatis Splendor
    (1998: Decade Records)

  20. CD Cover

    Liv Kristine
    Deus Ex Machina
    (1998: Swanlake/Massacre)

  21. CD Cover

    Liv Kristine
    3 A.M. (E.P.)
    (1998: Swanlake/Massacre)

  22. CD Cover

    Liv Kristine
    Take Good Care (E.P.)
    (1998: Swanlake/Massacre)

  23. CD Cover

    Living Sorrow
    The Kingdom Of Sorrow (E.P.)
    (1994: Self Released)

  24. CD Cover

    Living Sorrow
    Red Morning Sky
    (1996: Active/Subway)

  25. CD Cover

    Living Sorrow
    (1999: T.N.G.)

  26. CD Cover

    Long Winter's Stare
    Before The Dawn, So Go The Shadows Of Humanity
    (1999: Dragon's Flight)

  27. CD Cover

    Long Winter's Stare
    The Tears Of Odin's Fallen
    (2000: Dark Symphonies)

  28. CD Cover

    Longing For Dawn
    A Treacherous Ascension
    (2007: Grau)

  29. CD Cover

    Lord Blasphemate
    The Sun That Never Dies...
    (1997: Self Released)

  30. CD Cover

    Lord Vicar
    Fear No Pain
    (2008: Church Within Records)

  31. CD Cover

    Lords Of The Stone
    (1997: Massacre)

  32. CD Cover

    Life Without Hope... Death Without Reason E.P.
    (2006: Deathgasm Records)

  33. CD Cover

    Love Lies Bleeding
    Behold My Vain Sacrifice
    (2000: CCP)

  34. CD Cover

    Loveless, The
    Star | Rover
    (2002: Prophecy)

  35. CD Cover

    Low Man's Tune
    Solitunes E.P.
    (2002: F.A. Records)

  36. CD Cover

    (2005: Bombworks)